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January 2018

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Release Official Music Video For ‘On The Floor’ Featuring Beenie Man

Ghanaian, UK based rap duo Reggie ‘N’ Bollie have an exciting year ahead of them. The pair who shot to fame on the 2015 series of The X Factor have recently announced their first headlining UK tour and they have now released the official music video for their latest hit ‘On The Floor’ featuring  Beenie Man.

The clip sees Reggie ‘N’ Bollie delivering their usual feel-good, happy vibes as they perform the track which is lifted off their debut album ‘Uncommon Favours‘. The video features stunning views and plenty of sunshine making it the perfect antidote to the current wet January we are experiencing in the UK.

You get an instant lift from watching the clip and the sun-drenched video makes you earn for the summer. The ‘On The Floor’ video also sees Beenie Man appearing to add another layer to the awesome clip.

Source: https://celebmix.com/watch-reggie-n-bollie-release-official-music-video-floor-featuring-beenie-man/

Beenie Man commanded an intense party in Palmares

For two hours and without breaks, the King of Dancehall moved the audience of La Barra Imperial with classic themes of the genre.

Neither the rain nor the cold got in the way of Beenie Man putting the audience of Palmares to dance for two hours straight.

On Thursday, January 18 at night, the Jamaican singer returned to the country to remind them why he is recognized around the world as the King of Dancehall.

This rhythm of Jamaican origin takes life in the musical band of Beenie Man: a quartet of musicians also from the Caribbean accompanies the artist and shapes the occurrences of Beenie Man on stage.

An intermittent rain and the music of the DJs of the collective Fyah Red received the audience of the Imperial Bar around 9 pm DJ Fred and DJ Become were in charge of keeping the audience entertained, moving the hip in that way that can only be done with the dancehall.
They put tracks like Gyal You to Party Animal, by Charly Black,Shape of You, by Ed Sheeran, Fever, by Vybz Kartel and No Games, by Serani, all chanted and danced by the public.
The bar, enclosure with capacity for 6,500 people, looked crowded. The general public was unconcerned about the rain, which was not enough to ruin the party.
At 11 pm, Beenie Man’s band entered the stage to fine-tune the final details and five minutes later, he began to play an instrumental medley of some of the Jamaican’s most famous songs.
Flames erupted from the stage and soon Beenie Man entered the stage with all his energy.
Director of the party
Beenie Man started with Bad Man , which was greeted by shouts and applause from the audience. Each time Beenie Man stopped his band to sing a couple of words and then made a sign that unleashed all the power of the whole.
Without stopping once, the band went straight to the songs Romie and Girls Dem Sugah, two songs that regardless of tastes, we’ve all heard.
The reaction was massive! Everyone jumped, sang and recorded videos of the great party they were living.
The group also performed hits such as Tell me , Miss LAP ., In addition to subjects borrowed like Nuthin No Go So and the soca Feeling Hot Hot Hot .

In the midst of so many popular songs and so much energy, it was clear that whoever did everything possible was Beenie Man.

With his microphone as a baton he directed the audience and the band at will, using just a few words or gestures for everyone to respond to him. The impression of a single man directing some 6,000 people-putting them to jump and raise their arms-was accompanied by their own dance steps.

Beenie Man moved her hips as much as the audience and walked dancing and singing across the stage songs like Murder She Wrote and Dancehall Queen all over the stage.

After the concert time the band began to play the song Dude , another classic from their repertoire. By that time the rain had vanished, and there was no sign of returning; it was more likely to soak up someone else’s sweat.

The public, yes, did not stop dancing with intensity. The area in front of the stage cleared a bit and that allowed several girls to lean on the safety bars to dance and even come over to shake hands with Beenie Man.


Then he played two other infallible songs with the audience: King of The Dancehall, Hmm Hmm and One Girl.

After those songs, with 75 intense minutes of concert, it was the first occasion in which a pause was taken to speak to the public.

“You speak little English and I speak a little Spanish … I can say: ‘hello’; I can say: ‘thank you’, but above all I want to say I love you Costa Rica ! “, said the vocalist. The reaction of the audience was as affectionate as his gesture.

While the music began to be resumed little by little – first the percussion and keyboards and then the bass and the guitar -, Beenie Man dedicated himself to drying his sweat with some cloths and giving them to the public.

The end was near, and the artist did it in a big way; It could not be otherwise. It started with I’m Drinking (Rum & Red Bull) , a theme that he used to improvise some rhymes and then ended with Redemption Song , yes, the classic theme of Bob Marley.

The entire audience was perplexed by the abrupt change, but they let themselves be carried away by the immortal words of the subject. Beenie stopped commanding the public and simply devoted himself to touring the stage singing and smiling as if there was no tomorrow.

After two hours of concert, the Jamaican said goodbye. Without having to say it, he made it clear that his bond with Costa Rica was stronger than ever.

Source: https://www.nacion.com/viva/musica/beenie-man-comando-una-intensa-fiesta-en-palmares/K3OBSEESVBAJBMDDYMM7JDMB3Y/story/